Hi, I'm Suzanne

I help women struggling with stress & anxiety , prioritise themselves, get to know their bodies and feel confident to live their best lives. Working together will empower you with the tools you need to put yourself first , guilt free, make good choices and create a life you love.

I have been where you are and know how you feel. The constant juggling  of home and work every day , exhausted , feeling there were not enough hours in the day, aches & pains, feeling guilty, anxious, frustrated and not knowing how to change things.

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I realized I was trying to be all things for everyone else and lost a bit of me along the way.

I worked in a demanding job ,long days, relying on creches , family and it was REALLY hard work managing it all. I remember so many evenings racing back from meetings to collect my children. I was fit for nothing when we all eventually got home.

Looking back, I realize I was trying to be all things for everyone else and lost a bit of me along the way. I didn’t know what was wrong.

After a difficult miscarriage and receiving news of a school friend of mine in hospital,  I knew things couldn’t keep going the way they were. With so many plates up the air, something was going to crash and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I took the leap and left my “secure” job.

I became aware of my inner voice and was finally listening to my body & what it had to say.

My saving grace was finding yoga.

I had started practicing it years earlier to help the aches and pains in my body. One particular class I heard my teacher speaking about the power of our breath and it took my understanding and love of yoga to a whole new level. 

Yoga became more than just a physical practice and I needed to learn more about my experience. After years of putting my body under physical and emotional stress, I was feeling something different, a kind of release. I became aware of my inner voice and was finally listening to my body & what it had to say.

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I work with people in 3 ways, 1:1, in my Prioritise Me Place membership, or through my digital products. 

Discover the signs, symptoms and the solutions to why you feel anxious, stressed & overwhelmed.

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"I watched people coming to class and leave SO differently."

I had to find out more about this incredible science and decided to train as a teacher, never thinking I would ever teach.  I still remember putting my first flyer through the door and putting myself out in the world as a yoga teacher.

That was one of my biggest challenges and its where it all started.

I created a space in my home for yoga and before long, I was teaching there.

My students are mostly mothers and women like me, with the same frustrations, loves, worries, dreams and fears. Our yoga sessions become a space where we would have open, honest conversations after class about what was really going on for us. 

That’s where my coaching was born.

I watched people coming to class and leave SO differently. Their posture, mood and energy was different , but heading back to their busy lives doing what they had always done.

I knew there were more ways I could help. 

"Let others help you, you don’t have to do it all by yourself!"

I went back to college and became a certified Personal Leadership & Executive Coach and loved every single bit of it! I continued my studies in Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching soon after and learned so much about how our beliefs and values can influence how we think and behave. I finally understood the true meaning of leadership and how it is so much a part of your personal and professional life .

My work has now extended to teenagers and young adults helping them navigate feelings of stress ,overwhelm, anxiety, low self esteem and help them build their resiliency and coping skills.

I blend the tools of coaching and yoga in my sessions , connecting body & mind to support my clients.

I am qualified to coach, but my own experiences and intuition, really allow me understand where YOU are and how YOU feel. I bring this with me to each coaching session.

One thing I know is, although we are all think differently and are at different stages on our journey,  we all struggle with the same “stuff”. Why struggle on your own?

The first step to make any change is to decide it IS  going to change,

The second step is to let others help you, you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

"It is never too late to be who you always wanted to be"

Suzanne xx

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