Want to start your Yoga practice?

breath yoga Mar 01, 2023

5 Things to consider


Which one of these is 'the correct way' to do downward facing dog?


Both of them!

The absolute JOY of yoga is that it does NOT expect you to be super flexible, look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain age or be physically able or even want to hold a certain shape. You don't have to have a mat or even leave the house these days!

There is so much more to it than some of the fabulous gymnastics we see on social media, that so many of us will never re-create or ever wish to attempt.

Yoga is simply a framework of movement, breathing and stillness practice, that connects you to YOU. One of my teachers compared it to a moving meditation and I have to agree. It allows you to move and strengthen your body and mind, through consistent practice.

Just like your energy and mood, yoga is different every time you step on the mat too.

Some days after my practice, I feel on top of the world and other days, I never want to get on a mat again.

Some days, I want to stay in downward facing dog, other days child’s pose is all I am able for.

Some days I spend 10 minutes on my mat and other days, I lose track of time.

 If you want to start a  practice, here are a few pieces of advice to consider


  1. Find a teacher you connect with and feel comfortable with. Chat to the them before you take a class and find out the style of class she/he teaches .Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right and he/she doesn’t feel right, then find another class.
  1. Do what you can. My first time in downward facing dog was so hard and I came out of it earlier than the students around me. You can do this too. Remember your teacher is there to guide you through the class, but does not know how you feel. Only you know that.
  2. Emotions may surface. It is normal. For the first few classes, you may feel frustration, feel like you are not good enough and it may even stop you going back. Trust me, you are. Stay with it, listen to your body always, take it slow and breathe. Always remember, you can turn up to any yoga class and simply lie on the mat, close your eyes. This is actually an advanced practice, but sometimes all that’s needed.
  3. Wear whatever you like as long as it’s comfortable and you can move. You do not need expensive leggings believe me.
  4. Everyone experiences their yoga differently and are practicing for their own reasons. I started due to a tight lower back from years of driving and it was an incredible support. Your reasons are valid too.

 As much as you can, forget about what everyone else is doing and just focus on you.

Don't wait anymore, start your practice today and fit it around your life. My hope is that eventually you will fit your life around yoga

Join us in our online community for women Prioritise Me Place where we meet twice a week to practice.

You are always welcome 🙏


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