Create your Space to find YOUR space

feeling prioritiseyourself space yoga Nov 13, 2019

" How is that going to help me?  How can a space do that?”

But that’s just what happened in my home.

I made a decision to clean out my garage one evening and make my space. No idea how or what it would look like, all I knew was it was going to happen. So with boxes everywhere in the hall and kitchen, I got to work. By the end of the day I had the first wall painted and it had already begun to feel amazing. Next morning,  I was up early and soon it was done.

Now I had an empty, freshly painted room and it was a little strange to be honest.  I put one cushion on the floor ,flowers on the window sill and lit a tea light. Right on cue, the sun came out and lit up the whole room.  It was so simple so serene and so beautiful!


I knew what I had created was something special.

I started to drop in and out of the room during my day, mostly to check out my painting handiwork at the beginning.

Over a few days I found myself spending longer there, just feeling the room. It felt different than any other room in the house and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it the candle, incense I was  burning , the emptiness of the space, or a combination of all of that?

Whatever it was , it offered me a minute of wonder trying to work it out and in that time, I was not thinking about any of the million and one things that I would have normally filled my head.

It gave minutes of space, to slow down throughout the day.

I love being out and about, but sometimes this takes a bit of planning. Who will look after the children? Will I be back in time for the call? Traffic will be busy and all the other excuses. Now I could just open the door to my space and stay for as little or as long as I wanted.

I am so lucky to have a room to call my own, I know, but this can still be done on a smaller scale. By using a corner of a room, somewhere not usually disturbed, you can create a space for you to visit when you need to. If you have a windowsill, decorate it with things that you love like candles, photos ,music, stones, plants, anything and everything that make you feel good. Incense, aromatherapy oils or smells that you love would be a lovely addition to.

 Put a chair or cushion there so you can sit and read or just be comfortable.

This space should be inviting and make you smile. Tell your family what it is all about, even if you have young children, they will understand, believe me. Go to it regularly, bring your cup of coffee, read, sit, write or just breathe for a few minutes. Admire and take note of all the items in your space and take it all in. Stay as long as you can and if you get distracted or life becomes too busy , don’t beat yourself up, start again the next day.

Whether it’s big or small, enjoy the feeling of the space you have created and watch how it makes you feel.

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