3 Things I Hear A Lot Working With Women

coaching goodenough prioritiseyourself stress women Feb 17, 2022

This is what I hear most often


My work is with women from all walks of life, some mums, some caring for elderly, some single and some married.  They come to me for support with change, stress, anxiety and often know what they want but are unsure of the how piece. Every single one of them teaches me something new and reminds me of how incredible women really are.

Every woman has a story. Everyone does.

Our childhood shapes our early years of life, gives us our beliefs and is hugely part of how we experience life as an adult.  Coaching is very much future focused and some time spent reflecting on past experiences, can give great insight into what is happening in your life today. One example was a lady who was criticized by her parents ,if she didn’t reach top marks all the time in school. She was repeating this cycle with her own children and even bringing it into her workplace.

This was a belief she had formed when she was younger. “I must always get top marks, then I am good enough”


Those word “good enough” are words I hear all the time. Good enough daughter, good enough mother, good enough in my job, good enough friend, the list goes on. When you feel that nothing you do is good enough, one of two things happen. You either give up and become apathetic or your self -confidence is battered ,self-esteem takes a knock, leaving you feeling lost, overwhelmed and not knowing how to get out of it.


We live in a very fast paced world so the pressure to multi-task and have lots of plates in the air is expected. A common thread I see is women trying to control all the spinning plates so that none of them fall.  They become exhausted and wonder why they are cross, stressed and worn out. I remember my own experience with this and it is awful . There is a feeling of being too busy to take time for you in the middle of it all and the mere suggestion got eye-ball rolls like you wouldn’t believe. One of my clients thought she was prioritising herself, when she was planning her shopping list for the next day. Hands up, if you can relate.

What does give me great hope though, is what I hear in every single coaching call I do.


Every woman will say this at least once over the four-week period we work together and I love it when I hear it! When this happens it means they are using their voice, expressing many emotions and old beliefs that may have been suppressed for years, maybe even decades. Talking out loud with an independent person and imagining  their lives, their dreams and plans is so powerful. 

When is the last time YOU did that?

When you speak out, then we can make the small changes that can move you forward.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above, that’s good.

You see, you are not alone , you are not the only one that feels like this and never will be!


Suzanne xxx



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